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The beginning of the development of firearms is widely believed to be the fourteenth century, when the development of technology allowed to use the invention of gunpowder as a material for projecting bullets.

Even though the most popular replicas of firearms are still modern equipment, which is used by various armies of the world, the interest in them is growing, fueled by films and TV series about World War II.

There are more and more questions about replicas and accessories that troops fighting on the fronts of this war are equipped with. Groups that specialize in combining historical reconstructions with tactical games have appeared. This is followed by gatherings and larger events where participants can exchange experiences.

Of course, apart from period equipment, the most sought-after items are firearm models that must match the troops played by a given group.

I have been dealing with carpentry for over 25 years. I always liked the challenges of working on many complicated woodworks.

I started the adventure with replicas of firearms in wood in 2016 and my first product was the Mannlicher rifle. Other models came later. One of my products, the same replica of the Mannlicher rifle I was talking about, is in the Museum in Skierniewice. Now I create various types of replicas of weapons in 1: 1 scale consistent with the dimension and details. I also make various replicas of antitank mines, grenades..

In the creation of replicas, I use different types of wood, for different elements require rolling or carving. Some components that I cannot make from wood are made of metal. Details, i.e. locks or stocks are movable.

To properly perform a given replica, I use the help of collectors and various kinds of publications related to military equipment.

After making the copy, I always have the satisfaction that the product looks like the original, but it cannot fire. Such a replica can be ordered by anyone who wants to have a decoration at home or use as a prop for taking pictures or for performing different stagings.

I think that my products will be met with interest from individual clients as well as reconstruction groups.

I cordially invite you to visit my website.


ATTENTION! The replica is a decoration and has no functional features, according to the Law on weapons and ammunition. A replica is not a firearm or its modification - as an imitation can be bought without permits

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